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APOLLO 13 Simulation Game

APOLLO 13 Simulation Game


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• Improve your ITSM performance
• Increase Customer and Service Focus
• Get more out your ITSM/ITIL training
• Learn how improve Processes to realize demonstrated value and reduce business risk

Do you recognize this?

With the growing importance of IT to all organizations ITSM is becoming a strategic capability. Many organizations have adopted and invested heavily in ITSM best practice frameworks such as ITIL. Many are struggling and are not achieving the hoped for value, worse still their lack of ITSM capabilities are presenting a risk to their business. Despite the massive investments in ITSM training and certification we still struggle to translate the theory into practice and translate the ITSM knowledge into results.

About Apollo 13 – an ITSM experience™ Scenario

You are the Mission Control Center of NASA. Your aim is to support the Crew during the Mission. You must design your services, implement them, execute them and apply continual improvement practices in order to ensure mission success. In 4 rounds you will be challenged with events, problems, issues, changes and increasing business demand. You must apply the ITSM best practices in order to become successful. You will guide the crew through the launch, journey to and from the moon, to a safe return and splashdown, at the same time realizing the strategic goals for the mission.


The learning objectives are dependent upon what your organization is trying to achieve, where you are on your ITSM journey and the problems and issues you are trying to solve. These are some of the objectives achieved during this training:
• Learn how to apply ITSM best practices and learn the essence of ITSM;
• Learn how to measure and improve your performance;
• Learn how to stay customer focused and set the right priorities based on customer impact;
• Develop communications and team competences



IT Management, IT Support staff, IT Consultants, Business Managers, Business Process Eigenaren, IT developers, Service Providers and System Integrators.