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SAP BI4.x : Universe Design with Information Design Tool

SAP BI4.x : Universe Design with Information Design Tool


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This instructor-led course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills needed to design, build and maintain SAP BI4.x universes.
You should attend this course to understand universe design concepts and terminology, as well as the role of universes in relation to SAP BI4.x reporting tools. The course provides an overview of the process for planning, designing and creating a universe and then walks you through the process of designing a universe that responds to identified requirements. The business benefit of this course is that you learn best-practice methodology for creating universes that respond to your reporting requirements.
Through well-designed universes, report designers and business users are able to create reports without having to know anything about the underlying data source or structure



• 1. Introduction to the Semantic Layer
• 2. Introduction to Information Design Tool
• 3. Local and Shared Projects
• 4. Connecting to Data Sources
• 5. The Data Foundation
• 6. Multisource Data Foundations
• 7. The Business Layer
• 8. Universe Query Panel
• 9. Publishing and Retrieving Universes
• 10. Securing Universes
• 11. Working in Multilingual Environments
• 12. Connecting to SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver BW, and SAP HANA
• 13. Comparing the Universe Design Tool and Information Design Tool



- Having followed SAP Web Intelligence 4.x Report Design or equivalent knowledge
- SQL and relational database management systems concepts and structures
- Familiarity with the type of data and the logical structure of the databases in your organization



The target audience for this course is anyone responsible for creating and designing SAP BI4.x Universes using Information Design Tool.