Tailor-made courses

At The Oak3 Campus we are committed to help you develop the skills of your team, in order for your business to stay ahead.


We offer training solutions, designed to fit your specific needs and at the same time optimizing your training budget.

Creating tailor-made courses happens by :

  • Defining the needs of the involved people (IT staff or end-user)
  • Proposing the right solutions (presentations, classroom training, e-learning, workshops,...)
  • Selecting the ideal location: in your offices or in our course rooms, or at a third party
  • Working with the right hardware: with your pc's or our high quality laptop course room
  • Using the most adapted training material: official training material, quick reference cards, ...
  • Defining the language of the training (English, Dutch or French)

One of our specialties is the situation where you have an in-house application for which there are no existing courses (nor teachers).  In that case, we have a methodology to quickly learn your software and develop tailor-made courses for your end-users !!

With complete control of the learning environment and by tailoring the course to the specific needs of your team, you’ll find you get a better return on your training investment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be glad to work out the right solution for you!